2020 packing list

  • Comfortable clothes, think T-shirts and shorts (summer is HOT)  

  • Outfit for our theme night (Tacky Prom!). Girls, Nothing strapless or too short please. Boys, no  wearing girl clothes please, and vice versa for girls. Other than that please go all out! Our staff will be looking especially tacky! 

  • Money for lunch on day two

  • Sessions can be chilly - bring a sweatshirt!

  • Comfortable shoes

  • Bible, journal, pen

  • Toiletries (including shower items) 

  • Towels

  • Water bottle

  • Sunscreen

  • Phone, charger

  • Rain jacket

  • Blow up mattress, sleeping bag, pillow

  • Any extra snacks you might want!

2020 schedule

Thursday, July 23

2:00-4:30pm-Camper Registration

4:30pm-Opening Celebration

5:00pm-Family Group Dinners

6:15pm-Session 1

8:00pm-Family Group Discussions

9:30pm-Camp Games

11:00pm-Everyone back to home churches!


Friday, July 24

7:45am-Camper Quiet Time


9:30am-Session 2

11:30am-Tour of Troy Lunch

1:00pm-Session 3

2:10pm-Camp Rally

2:30pm-Camp Olympics



6:15pm-Session 4

8:00pm-Walk the Line

8:30pm-Family Group Time

10:00pm-Tacky Prom

11:30pm-Everyone back to home churches


Saturday, July 25

6:00am-Optional Sunrise Worship

7:00am-Pack Up/Quiet Time


9:15am-Ministry Fair/Breakout Sessions

11:45am-Camp Lunches

12:45pm-Family Group Pictures

1:30pm-Send Off

2:00pm-Camper Check-Out

The Living Stones is a 3 day, 2 night retreat housed at local churches in Troy. Students can expect to begin building a foundation for their christian walk at Troy University. Throughout the couple days, students will attend worship sessions, large sessions with speakers from local churches and ministries, and smaller topic based sessions. Students will have the opportunity to spend time with their family groups, who will spur each other on in their walks with the Lord, dive deep into scripture, all while making friends! A main goal of the retreat is to plug students into community in the form of friends, and a church. There will be a ministry fair where our partner churches and campus ministries will have booths for students to have the opportunity to get to know them, ask questions, and grab info. This will be a weekend of growth, fun, and friends! 


Scroll to the bottom of the page for our covid-19 response


If you lost/did not receive the email for registered students click the link at the bottom of the page



The health and safety of the Living Stones campers, staff, and community are a top priority. We are doing our best to plan and ensure that we will have a retreat that brings glory to God, allows campers to get plugged into churches and ministries, and keeps everyone involved safe and healthy. We are actively monitoring the situation and implementing government, CDC, and Troy University guidelines. We are looking forward to the retreat and to meeting you all! Listed below are some of the policies we have implemented:

  • Temperatures will be taken upon arrival and throughout the retreat.

  • Sanitation of shared spaces and objects will be a top priority.

  • Every camper and staff member will be given a bandana that can be worn as a mask.

  • Hand washing will be regular and heavily encouraged.

  • Every morning there will be a symptom and temperature check.

  • Campers and staff members will be continuously monitored for symptoms. In the case of illness, we have quarantine protocols set in place.

  • Staff will have increased training for preventative measures and sanitation. 

  • We are currently reworking activities and schedules to ensure that social distancing is possible.

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