The living stones 2020 leadership


Chrsitian Dapprich │ Director

Emily Tew │ Director 

Hometown: Headland, AL

Major: Communications 

If you were an animal what would you be? "If I were an animal I would be a monkey because I love bananas"

What are you most excited for about the retreat?

"I'm excited to connect freshmen with other freshman and set them up for a crazy cool journey of faith during their college years" 

Caroline Swann │ Director

administrative branch

Bailey Faulkner │ Head of Fundraising 

Jake Brown │ Head of Hospitality 

Rachel Raspberry │ Head of Registration 

Kennedy Roy │ Guy Head of Crew



Claudia Harris │ Head of Communication

Jacob Doak │ Assistant to The Head of Communication

Megan Colquitt│ Head of PR

Jocelyn Dye │ Assistant to PR



Matthias Smith │ Head Guy Counselor

Emmie Haas │ Head Girl Counselor

Lily Everett │ Head of Prayer

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